The Use Of Selenium In Prostate Cancer Prevention

It goes without saying that prevention is better than cure; and for prostate cancer this statement can hardly be any truer, especially for men who know that they are at a higher risk of developing the malignancy of the cells of the prostate gland than most other people around them. The expense once you start to undergo treatment for the disease, the discomfort that you have to put up with during the treatments, and the complications (side effects) that usually stem from the therapies, all lend heavy credence to the statement.

Thankfully, the prevention of prostate cancer is now a lot easier than ever before, considering that in the past only very little was known or understood about the role that selenium might play in the prevention of the malady. Initially it was determined in certain studies that the risk of this disease was increased by low intake of vitamin E and the mineral selenium; but now, evidence from epidemiological studies support the protective role played by selenium, vitamin E, lycopene, and soy foods in reducing cancer of the prostate incidence in any body of people.

Selenium is itself a nonmetallic element that occurs in several forms ranging from a red powder to gray black crystals and is an essential trace element. Although toxic in excess, evidence now suggests that long-term, moderate doses of selenium may have antioxidant properties that inhibit the dangerous oxidation of free radicals in the body that may contribute to prostate cancer risk. Selenium, found in tiny amounts primarily in plants and yeasts, is now believed to be associated with lowered risk of this cancer, as well as a number of other forms of cancer.

Currently there are ongoing clinical tests to check out the effectiveness of vitamin E and selenium in preventing this cancerous tumor. One such started out in the year 2001 at sites throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico with the final results expected in 2013; another study, SELECT ? Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Prevention Trial ? is also in full force, a clinical prostate cancer prevention trial to see if one or both of these dietary supplements prevent this cancer.

And in addition to selenium, there are a whole lot of natural culinary herbs that have similar credit as prostate cancer prevention remedies. Lycopene, found in tomatoes; saw palmetto, pomegranate juice, and capsaicin for red hot chili peppers, are just a few example. Incidentally several of them are still in research, but even those that are no longer being studied are only allowed in the United States as food supplements. But who cares? Since you know it might help save your life, just go out and get it anyway. Good thing you don’t even need a prescription for this one.

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