Prostate Cancer Prevention Nutritional ? The Role Of Diet In Prevention Of Cancer

Studies have shown that the foods you eat contribute in no little way to your chances or risks of developing various forms of cancer. When it comes to cancer of the prostate, it is a fact that diet has been revealed as a major risk factor in prostate cancer incidence.

After some studies a few years ago, medical researchers studying new methods of prostate type of cancer and innovative treatments started to recommend that men take simple preventive measures such as a diet low in animal fats. Specifically, in an article from the magazine Scientific American Presents, physicians Marc B. Garnick of Harvard Medical School and William R. Fair of the Cornell University Medical Center, while exploring medical approaches to Combating prostate cancer stated that: “One idea being evaluated is decidedly low-tech: nutritional intervention, especially adoption of a low-fat diet. Conceivably, nutritional interventions might also prevent the development of symptomatic primary tumors.”

It wasn’t the first realization of its kind, but it was an added step toward prostate cancer prevention by nutritional means. Today, research has linked the consumption of certain foods to this condition, asserting that red meat and animal fats translate to greater their risk of developing the melanoma, while diets high in fiber ? undigestible parts of fruit, grains, and vegetables ? likely contribute to a reduction of the same risk of disease. Studies have thus been targeted toward finding preventive effects from a high-fiber diet for prostate cancer

One such study, reported by Dr. Stanley A. Brosman, M.D., Clinical Professor, Department of Urology, University of California, at the Los Angeles Medical School, that increasing attention is being devoted to understanding the role of diet and nutrition in relation to the development and progression of all cancers. Another such study was published by the American Institute for Cancer Research in 2002, which found that 200,000 of the 600,000 cancer deaths in the United States each year could be prevented through a combination of dietary changes, adequate physical activity, and maintenance of appropriate body weight.

So, what steps are to be taken in the light of all of these? Very simple: follow the white rabbit.

A high-fat diet stimulates prostate cancer growth, so do away with it. Cancer of the prostate also is associated with various hormonal perturbations, which include excessive intake of estrogens and phytoestrogens, and the consumption of burned or charred foods. You want to talk to your nutritionist about the foods that fall in that category and work your way around that.

The merits of nutritional measures are compounded by the fact that they are beneficial in preventing prostate cancer and in preventing and managing cardiovascular disease, but many studies are still being performed to understand the molecular biology that links diet with this cancerous tumor, but at least a vegan diet which allows for some fish intake appears to be safest at the moment.

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