Prostate Cancer Prevention – Effective Steps You can Apply

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The prevention of a disease or illness is as vital as its treatment or cure. Preventing such condition is even a better option because it helps to save money, time, efforts, and risk factors associated with treatments. With prostate cancer, preventing the condition is highly invaluable. Therefore, the onus is laid on you to checkout to take preventive steps if you have been diagnosed as a potential patient for prostate cancer.

There are some very effective steps you can take to prevent your body being ravaged by cancer of the prostate. These steps can be invaluable if it has been discovered you have a family history of the disease. Most people diagnosed with this condition are those who are 50 and above. So, effective preventive method can be applied before the man begins to age. Moreover, since the early signs of cancer of the prostate do not show, preventive measures are important to stop any damages that could be caused to the body when the condition could have been discovered at a later stage.

Preventive measures for prostate cancer

The following are some of the preventive measures that could be applied to prevent cancer of the prostate.

Diet– Taking of some foods is known to help prevent the risk of prostate cancer. Some of these foods may include those with high levels of Trans fats. Hence, reduced intake of processed foods and meat can lower the risk of prostate cancer. Omega-3 fatty acids also have been linked with lower risk of cancer of the prostate. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables lower the risk of prostate cancer. Selenium found in some of these foods is known to lower the incidence of prostate cancer.

Medications – There have been studies showing the effects of some medications on cancer affecting the prostate gland. These medications include drugs like finasteride and dutasteride. They help to stop the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotesterone. In addition, vaccines have been known to reduce the incidence of prostate cancer. These medications(E.g. sipuleucel-T or Provenge) is approved by the Food and Drug Administration to stimulate the immune system into blocking and responding to  phosphatase(PA), which is antigen found on most prostate cells affected by cancer.

Frequent ejaculation – high levels of testosterone in the prostate gland cells are believed to increase the risk of prostate cancer. Therefore, it may become necessary to reduce the levels. Some studies have proven that frequent ejaculation by a man can reduce the level of testosterone in the body and eventually prostate cancer. This is one easy form of preventive measures you can against this disease.

Conclusively, prostate cancer prevention following the above measures can be achieved. There are also other formidable options like engaging in healthy lifestyles and taking of certain herbal products. You can consult with your doctor for more on this.

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