Can Sex Prevent Prostate Cancer?

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If you have always wondered whether sex can prevent prostate cancer, this piece will be very revealing.

Since prostate cancer is a kind of sex organ related disease, many people feel that it can be related to lack of or too much of sex.

There have been many studies carried out to determine the relationship between sex and prostate cancer. These are due to the postulations by many people that too much or too less ejaculation of sperm leads to the increase of prostrate cancer cases.

One of such was the Health Professionals Follow-up Study. In this study, participants completed a questionnaire in every 2 years.

The questions asked included the frequency of their ejaculation. They were to estimate what frequency their ejaculation was at ages 20 to 29 and at ages 40 to 49 and in the previous year.

At the end of the study, it was concluded that having a greater ejaculation frequency didn’t increase prostate cancer risk.

Instead, it was discovered that frequency ejaculation in men might decrease the total prostate cancer and even organ-confined cancer risk.

But note that this is just one study and it was carried on a very limited amount of people. Would it be wise to use this study to generalize on the rest of males all over the world with the problem of prostate cancer?

This is the question that many people are still asking about such researches.

There have been many of such tests, but the exact accuracy of these studies still leaves a lot of people in doubt. They find it difficult to associate prostate cancer with lack of or too much of sex.

So, before you start engaging in sex every single day just to prevent prostate cancer, talk to your doctor if indeed sex can help in preventing prostate cancer.

You won’t want to start having daily sex now to prevent prostate cancer only to find out some years later that the singular act of daily sex was even what helped to increase your chances of prostate cancer.

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