Approaches That Can Help You Prevent Prostate Cancer

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Prostate cancer affects men today and it is now the second highest killer cancer disease after lung cancer for men. The alarming statistics of those diagnosed in the United States and other parts of the world is quite worrisome. Hence, everyone should be aware of the dangers that this type of cancer poses for men and loved ones.

Cancer or malignant tumor that originates from the prostate gland is known as prostate cancer. It could grow slowly and affect other healthy tissues on the body. Certain risk factors are known to cause this condition and these may include: age, diet, lifestyle, family history, treatments, etc. By and large, the exact reason why this cancer erupts from the prostate gland is not known but those risk factors are known to promote their occurrence in some way.

This article is really about how you can prevent prostate cancer instead of waiting for it to affect you. This is important because the symptoms cause pains and difficulties in urination as well as in intercourse. More so, the side effects of some of the treatments like radiation and surgery can cause more pains and stress than even the symptoms of the disease.

Approaches to prevent prostate cancer

The following steps can help to prevent prostate cancer if you discover you are at risk of being diagnosed with this condition.

Early screening – when you go for early screening to detect if you have prostate cancer, you will improve your chance of survival with early treatment.  This is very important.

Change of diet and lifestyle – Engaging in exercises and avoiding the intake of certain foods can lower your chance of being diagnosed with this condition.  You can avoid the intake of some foods, like those with high levels of saturated fats.

Chemoprevention – there are some drugs and supplements that can be taken to reverse the effect of tumors that may lead to prostate cancer.  These include intake of foods rich in vitamin D and E, selenium, lycopene, and other forms of   natural herbs and drugs.

Hormonal treatments – some forms of drugs can be taken to lower the level the hormone testosterone. This hormone has been discovered to increase the growth to cancer cells. By taking hormonal treatments, the amount will cut down.  Finasteride is a medication that is known to be effective in preventing prostate cancer.

In conclusion, prostate cancer can be prevented somehow if the above approaches are applied. For more tips on how to completely avoid this cancer, book an appointment with a certified oncologist or urologist.

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