Wake Forest Researchers Developing a Novel Drug for Prostate Cancer

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Most treatments for prostate cancer aim at destroying the cells affected by cancer. However, in the process of doing this, healthy or normal cells near the affected one may be destroyed.

When this happens, the patients overall health could be affected. Although most modern treatments have reduced the impact of the chemotherapy and radiation therapy on healthy cells, more still need to be done in that area.

In the light of the above, a team of researchers from Wake Forest are developing a novel drug that can spare normal cells squarely  during prostate cancer treatment.

The Interdisciplinary team made up of a Cancer biologist, a synthetic Chemist and a computational physicist carried out a study on the new drug. The findings are now published on the November 26 issue of the “Journal of Medicinal Chemistry“.

In an article  published November 29,2012 by Katie Neal in medicalxpress.com, the passage explaining how this new drug is going to work reads: All cells, both normal and diseased, rely on the PI3K cell signaling pathway for growth, so inhibiting the pathway selectively for cancer cells has long been a challenge for scientists in the fight against cancer. While turning PI3K inhibitors loose in the body would prevent the spread of cancer, doing so would also inhibit growth in lots of cells.

To effectively use this strategy in the treatment of cancer, the Wake Forest team had to target these inhibitors to specific kinds of cells. Using prostate cells as the target, they selected a protein that is specifically recognized by prostate cells and attach that protein to a PI3K inhibitor.


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The team members included George Kulik, an associate professor of cancer biology, Mark Welker, the William L. Poteat Professor of Chemistry, and Freddie Salsbury, an associate professor of physics. Their discovery is quite promising and  according to Freddie Salsbury: “Given that prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in American men, this research could signal a major breakthrough.”

Finally, its good to have another promising drug for prostate cancer. The research effort should be sponsored and funded by well meaning individuals and organizations. This will help effectively treating prostate cancer, which has an incident of 1 in 6 men diagnosed. More details of this study can be accessed from the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.

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