Virus Used to Cure Mice of Prostate Cancer – Could be Helpful in Humans

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In the quest to find the best cure and permanent cure for prostate cancer, many studies and research are still ongoing. In one of these studies, scientists from the British University of Sheffield has successfully used virus to cure prostate cancer in mice sample.

This is a breakthrough research that could possibly make the treatment of prostate cancer in humans with the use of virus to be possible. A recent online article posted in (December 22, 2012) confirms this new research. In the online extract, the following details were provided: A virus cured prostate cancer in mice, according to the results of a study published in the Cancer Research magazine.

Scientists of the British University of Sheffield masked the virus for the white corpuscles not to destroy it and it could be introduced into the tumor.

For this, the researchers took blood samples to extract the macrophagic cells of the immune system, among which they managed to disguise the virus.

The mice with prostate cancer were shot with white corpuscles two days after they finished a chemotherapy treatment.

In that part of the treatment, each white corpuscle was carrying just one pair of virus, which replicated once they entered the tumor and killed the cancer cells.

After 40 days, the mice treated with the virus beat cancer. Mice under a different treatment died.

Although the results of this study are encouraging, the scientists clarified that it is necessary to be cautious, because studies tested in animals do not work with humans.

However, this research shows the use of a virus to fight tumor could increase the effectiveness of conventional treatments against cancer.

“If this treatment is successful in humans, it could be a significant progress in the search for better therapies for men with prostate cancer that has reached the bone,” said Kate Holmes, head of research of Prostate Cancer in the United Kingdom.

Conclusively, hopefully the use of virus could be a most effective treatment option that could help to cure cancer of the prostate in many human patients just as it was successful in mice.

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