UHG Led Prostate Cancer Treatment To Be Expanded in Ireland

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A prostate cancer treatment that implores the implantation of radiation seeds into the body of men with prostate cancer is to be expanded in Ireland.

Until now, the treatment known as Brachytherapy was administered only by the University Hospital Galway (UHG). This hospital successfully treated more than 440 men with prostate cancer through the seed implantation treatment.

Now there is a National Prostate Brachytheraphy Service which is going to expand the treatment to other hospitals nationwide. The following is an excerpt from a news post published in Galway News dated January 28, 2013. The post highlighted some vital information about the expansion of the National Prostate Brachytheraphy Service to various facilities in the country:

The National Prostate Brachytheraphy Service was officially launched at the Newcastle facility this week.

The treatment which involves seed implantation has been available to patients in the West for the past five years led by Professor Frank Sullivan, Consultant Radiation Oncologist.

440 men have availed of the treatment to date at UHG and it’s now being rolled out to St. Lukes Hospital in Dublin and Cork University Hospital.

Speaking to Galway Bay fm news at the launch, Professor Sullivan says brachytherapy is a technique to treat early stage, low risk prostate cancer and centres nationwide will now benefit from Galway’s lead.

Conclusively, this is a right step in the right direction because the expansion of this treatment means that more men are going to take advantage of this effective treatment.

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