The Truth about Sex Life after Prostate Cancer Surgery You Must Know

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One of the fears that men has when it comes to prostate cancer is the fact that they may not be able to have sex again after their prostate glands have been removed.

While it is true that erectile dysfunction is one of the consequences of this treatment, some experts still believes that men with such problem can still live normal sex life.

Dr David Samadi, a renowned surgeon in prostate health helps to allay the fear of most men by stating the truth about sex life after prostate cancer. Here is an excerpt on his explanations:

Despite the best efforts of prostate cancer experts, the media, and widespread Prostate Cancer Awareness Month articles, the facts of prostate cancer recovery remain unclear to many. Dr. David Samadi, developer of the SMART (Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique) robotic prostate surgery, helps men work through the common fears, worries, and even misconceptions about prostate cancer treatment and understand the beneficial role of surgery.

Men who choose to actively treat prostate cancer weigh these options:  robotic prostate removal surgery (robotic prostatectomy), hormone deprivation therapy, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), and various types of radiation including external beam radiation therapy (EBRT), CyberKnife®, and brachytherapy.

SMART robotic prostatectomy surgery, by Dr. Samadi, primes men for high success in prostate cancer recovery and post-treatment quality of life. Dr. Samadi explains how.

MYTH Prostate cancer means the end of my sex life.

TRUTH Prostate cancer does not equal impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED), especially not with highly specialized SMART surgery. Eight-five percent of my patients enjoy sexual potency in just 12-24 months after surgery. My unique SMART surgery emphasizes preservation of the endo pelvic fascia and the neurovascular bundles for optimal erection function after dedication to the recovery period.

MYTH I better off waiting out my prostate cancer.

TRUTH Localized prostate cancer is highly treatable, and SMART surgery is an extremely effective way for me to help men restore their cancer-free, worry-free lives. Postponing treatment of your prostate cancer leaves you vulnerable to risks that are difficult to quantify. Untreated prostate cancer can progress quickly and without warning, past the point of viable recovery options.

MYTH After surgery I will lose urinary control and be stuck wearing adult diapers for the rest of my life.

TRUTH During my SMART surgery I delicately maneuver around the urinary sphincter and take unique steps to control the length of the urethra. These modifications significantly maximize urinary control just a short time after surgery. Nearly all, 96 percent, of my patients regain urinary control in just 2-3 months. Minor stress incontinence just after surgery is perfectly normal and almost always temporary.

MYTH Prostate cancer treatment is a long, uphill battle.

TRUTH Surgery provides the most complete view of the extent of the localized prostate tumor, allowing for the most thorough removal of the cancerous prostate and seminal vesicles. I have performed more than 4,000 successful robotic prostatectomy procedures, helping men return home in as little as one day. Extensive experience in traditional surgery and laparoscopic surgery further enhance my robotic surgery technique. Click here to read more and know about Dr. David Samadi.

So, from the explanations above, Dr. Samadi has been able to douse the fear of many men who suffers from cancer of the prostate. Truths about treatments and their side effects have been highlighted.

Men who are worried now have better understanding especially as regards to going for surgical procedures as treatment.

The SMART program of Dr. Samadi has a track record of helping thousands of men. Hence, you should consider going for robotic surgery.

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