Survivorship Program – Adjusting to Life after Prostate Cancer Treatment

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Prostate cancer brings about the reality of being affected by malignant tumor that grows from the prostate gland. This tumor can become aggressive and damage other vital cells in the body.

The reason why cancer originates from the prostate is not known but several risk factors have been associated with this condition.

The risk factors of prostate cancer include the age of the man, the level of testosterone hormone in the body, genetics, lifestyle, diet, ethnic origin, etc.

Luckily, there are treatments now that can be applied to treat prostate cancer. Most of these treatments are administered depending on the stage of the prostate in the person. If the cancer is still early, then there is a high possibility that surgical removal of the prostate, radiation, or watchful waiting would be applied to treat the condition.

Removal of the prostate has shown to be very effective in treating most men. However, the downside of this treatment is the side effects which may stay on with the person for life. Side effects like urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction are common with this treatment. These days, many new techniques are applied to carry out surgery successfully by sparing the nerves that could have been damaged by the treatment.

It is one thing to undergo a treatment for prostate cancer and its quite another trying to adjust to life after this treatment. It becomes necessary to focus on the life after prostate cancer treatment. There are many hospitals and professionals that help men get improved quality of life after going for prostate cancer treatment. One of such is  Dr Richard  Wassersug, an UBC Urologist. He specializes in “survivorship”, a field that helps patients and their loved ones cope with the after effects of prostate cancer treatment.  The field involves the application certain lifestyles that includes diet, exercise, etc.

Finally, this is the Movember month, and your donations can really help men to adjust to a life after prostate cancer treatment. Read more details about Dr. Richard Wassersug in the article Adjusting to life after prostate cancer – local doctor hopes to introduce survivorship program written and published by John Ackermann November 21, 2012 at

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