Stress is not good for Prostate Cancer Patients – Study Reports

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A new study has come up with a conclusion that stress could be very dangerous for men with prostate cancer. This conclusion was made after a research was carried out on effects of emotional stress on mice that have prostate cancer compared with mice in a placebo.

Hints on this study have been published in the online edition of the dated January 25, 2013. Extracts from the online post you will find revealing include: Reducing stress can improve the prognosis of prostate cancer patients.

A new study looked at the effects of emotional stress on mice with prostate cancer, which is associated with higher levels of anxiety.

Researchers found stress not only accelerated the cancer, but it also reduced the effectiveness of the medications used to treat it.

When mice were given beta blockers to alleviate their anxiety, stress did not trigger tumor growth.

Researchers say prescribing beta blockers for prostate cancer patients may boost the effectiveness of typical anti-cancer treatments.

Conclusively, this is another important angle to prostate cancer treatment. If stress medications can be effective in the treatment of prostate cancer then it would mean that additional treatment for cancer tumors that originates in the prostate has been developed. Hopefully, the findings of this research would speedily be validated.

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