Steve Lavin And Prostate Cancer – One More Famous Survivor

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St. John’s men’s basketball coach Steve Lavin has just reportedly had a successful prostate cancer surgery, yesterday, Thursday.

As is the case with many men who have had surgery for prostate cancer, it went smoothly without any complications and his doctors were confident he will resume his coaching activities soon.

Lavin is just 47, so this also shows why we always recommend on this website for early screening from 40 to 45 years, rather than waiting for 50, as others recommend.

In his own words, Lavin said, “”The advantage of early detection is that we were afforded the time to research all options… After weighing treatment options with the experts at [Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center] we have decided surgery is the best path to take for my particular prostate cancer condition. We are confident that this course of treatment will lead to a cancer-free life.”

So, if you are above the ages of 40 or 45, it’s a good idea to learn all you can about prostate cancer and start undergoing yearly tests. As you may know by now, 1 out of every 6 males are expected to be diagnosed with the condition. The number of deaths is still very large, largely because of late detection.

And if you are African American, you have to even be more proactive in knowing all there is to know about this condition because African American men are more susceptible to the disease than others.

Early detection helps victims have better treatment, just as Steve Lavin has just experienced – prostate cancer is no longer the killer disease we all feared it to be in the past. It can be successfully treated.

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