Statistics on Blacks and Prostate Cancer and Life Expectancy

For some reason that is not clear yet, prostate cancer is more prominent among African American black males despite the fact that the entire Black African Continent itself has an overall prostate cancer incidence that is lower than that of the United States. The risk factors of the disorder are clear enough, being age, race, genetics, diet, lifestyle, and medications; but there simply is no justification for the thought that black males are more prone to prostate cancer simply because they fail on all of the risk factors of the malignancy.

According to statistics released by the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute, an African American is almost twice as likely to have prostate cancer as a Caucasian; and counting the number of men currently living with the disease in the United States, blacks far outnumber any other race – Hispanics, Asian, or Caucasians. Also looking at the number of deaths per year as a result on prostate cancer complications and such, the same trend is very easily observed.

Again it is not clear why this is, but it is clear that prostate cancer does not have to be the bane of the American society. More widespread screening and improved treatments may help in early detection and cure, but it is hardly enough. The best option is to find ways to reduce the incidence of prostate cancer among black males and among men in the entire world as a matter of fact

Lowering prostate cancer incidence amongst black men:

It is a common enough disease in America – highest non skin cancer, and second highest cause of male cancer deaths in the country. But it is possible to at least do things to change that; after all we do know the risk factors, so we need to manipulate them in our favor as much as we can. Ok, no one may be able to stop themselves from growing older, but you can at least do as the ACS suggests and see that you get tested no less than once a year for the disease once you are older than fifty years (or even earlier). You may not be able to choose your race, but you can choose the foods that you eat and the medications that you take while you are growing up- and old. Of course it is not your fault that you father or uncle or brother has prostate cancer, but it would be your fault too if you never got into the habit of exercising.

There is such a thing as a prostate cancer diet, which works both in a remedial and in a preventive capacity. It does not matter that you have been diagnosed already, lowering your red meat, high fat, and processed foods intake will certainly help to slow your PSA doubling times, slow the progression of the cancer in your body, and hasten your prostrate cancer cure. If you have never been diagnosed with prostate cancer, now will be the time to start up on your vegan diet with an allowance for fish, knowing full well that you are at risk of having prostate cancer. And it goes without saying that you have to start up on some kind of exercise regimen.

Added to all of that, you, as a black with higher risk of the prostate cancer, may then speak with your doctor and have them walk you through other things that you can do to prevent prostate cancer, or at least prevent the disease from coming back once it has been cured.

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