Soft drink Increases the Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer – A New Swedish Study

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Researchers from Sweden have come up with the conclusion that men who take more of soft drinks increase their risk of being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. The findings of the study are to be published in the next edition of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

From an online post published November 27 New Zealand Herald, highlights of the research conducted in Sweden were revealed for public consumption. In the online post, it was revealed that the intake of normal-size soft drink per day by men increases aggressive forms of prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that originates from the prostate gland. This cancer can become aggressive and metastasize to other parts of the body. Aggressive form of prostate cancer increases the risk of mortality in men. Thus, if a man is diagnosed with cancer at this stage, he is very much at risk of dying from the disease earlier.

Research studies in the past have identified several factors age, diet, race, gene, and lifestyle etc to increase the risk of the disease. With this new study on soft drink, the diet and lifestyle factors are now bolstered.

Speaking on the study, Isabel Drake, a PhD Student at Lund University and a key member of the researchers observed that: “Among the men who drank a lot of soft drinks or other drinks with added sugar, we saw an increased risk of prostate cancer of around 40 per cent,” This goes to show that if a man is susceptible to be diagnosed of prostate cancer, the intake of more soft drinks is sure going to make the malignant tumor aggressive.

The study followed more than 8000 in the course of 15 years. These men were aged between 45 and 73 years. Observations were made on the drinking pattern of these men and it was discovered that as many as drank one 330ml per day were 40 per cent more likely to develop a serious forms of cancer that originates from the prostate gland, and they required treatment.

More so, in the same study men that take heavy diet of rice and pasta also have increased risk of prostate cancer but in the milder form. In addition, this milder form may require no treatment. In the online report, Drake said that those who ate a diet heavy on rice and pasta increased their risk of getting milder forms of prostate cancer, which often required no treatment, by 31 per cent, while a high intake of sugary breakfast cereals raised the incidence of milder forms of the cancer to 38 per cent.

There is still need for further study on the effect of dietary changes in relations to prostate cancer.

However, the above research has provided further basis for the authentication of previous studies which concluded that difference in diet affects whether a man would be diagnosed with prostate cancer or not.

For the moment, it is important you cut back on those fizzy drinks.

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