Scientists May Use Human DNA to Treat Advanced Prostate Cancer

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Yes, it is real; there is now a new treatment for advanced prostate cancer. This treatment is a kind of immune therapy whereby the immune system is stimulated to destroy cancerous cells originating from the prostate gland. It should be noted that prostate cancer affects millions of men today. More especially, many with risk factors such as age (50 and above), ethnicity (African American men), diet, heredity, etc are more likely to be diagnosed than others.

At the onset of cancer of the prostate, the symptoms are not readily noticeable. However, when this condition has metastasized to surrounding tissues, the symptoms begins to affect the individual more. Detecting prostate cancer early helps top provide more effective treatments. The best known treatments for early stage of this type of cancer include: surgery and radiation therapy. For advanced or metastasized prostate cancer, treatments are more or less applied as means to manage the condition.

Now, there is news of new treatment option for prostate cancer. Details on this are quoted as:

Scientists say a prostate cancer treatment developed by a Danish company uses viruses with human DNA to stimulate the immune system to target cancer cells.

Bavarian-Nordic Immunotherapeutics of Kvistgaard said the treatment leaves healthy cells unaffected.

Trials have begun in the United States and are planned in the United Kingdom and 18 other countries, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Ministers in Britain have approved a human trial for the therapy, called Prostvac, that could lead to the first prostate cancer vaccine and possibly new treatment for other types of tumors, the newspaper said.

The treatment is designed for men with advanced prostate cancer that can’t be cured by castration and for whom other treatment options are extremely limited.

The therapy combines the virus used in smallpox vaccine and a strain of fowlpox virus, which causes disease in poultry, in addition to four human genes that help the viruses develop chemical signals found in cancerous cells but not healthy ones.

The therapy delivers the prostate-specific antigen as a virus, causing the immune system to eliminate any cells carrying it.  Read more here

So, with the latest research efforts by medical scientists, prostate cancer cure is now taking a more permanent outlook. This is good news! For the meantime, this latest treatment has boosted other available treatments like hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, and other

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