Ryan O’Neal Prostate Cancer – Undergoing Cryotherapy and Staying Positive

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Some few days back, it was revealed that popular Hollywood Star, Ryan O’Neal has prostate cancer. This news was shocking to many because this “Love Story” and “Paper Moon” actor has been battling with Leukemia (cancer of the blood). What amazed many people then (and still does today) is the spirit with which he took the information. He is living positive with the news and still does.

A recent interview with  ABC reveals that the 70 year old O’Neal is still living positive with his condition even as he is undergoing Cryotherapy( a type of treatment where by extreme cold temperatures are applied to freeze prostate cells). Here is an excerpt on the ABCs interview with Ryan O’Neal:

Ryan O’Neal, who is battling prostate cancer, says he is not afraid to die because, if he does, he will see his late partner, Farrah Fawcett.

O’Neal, 70, appeared on ABC’s “The View” Tuesday to promote his new memoir, “Both of Us: My Life with Farrah,” which chronicles his life with Fawcett, his longtime girlfriend, who died of anal cancer in 2009.

“I’m having things removed,” O’Neal said, explaining why he wore a bandage on his nose.

Asked if he has the will to fight for his life, he replied, “I do, but if I don’t make it, I’ll be with my girl.”

He went on to say his doctors are treating the cancer by “freezing the prostate” and are optimistic about his chances for recovery.

“Because of the kind of prostate cancer I have, I am a candidate for this cryopathy, it’s called,” he said. “Well, I’ll be really cold.”

Pressed to reveal whether he is afraid of dying, he said, “No.”

“She wasn’t either,” he said of Fawcett. “I learned from her.”

O’Neal said he wrote the book about his relationship with the onetime “Charlie’s Angels” star about a year ago.

“It was a way to stay near her, honestly,” he said. “I had kept journals, so I had our story and I got help to organize it and to be as honest as possible.”

O’Neal, the star of “Love Story” and “Paper Moon,” successfully battled leukemia in the late 1990s. Source.

Conclusively, the Ryan O’Neal’s cancer story is quite unfortunate but there are lessons to be drawn from it. He is still being positive about it. Many that have been diagnosed with similar conditions should take cue from the approach of this 70 year old to his cancer conditions. This can help improve response to treatments and increase the survival rate for them.

Ryan is indeed a strongman who can be inspiration to others. It is one thing to be diagnosed with prostate cancer and it is quite another be living with both prostate cancer and blood cancer. These are being managed positively by O’Neal.





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