Robert Samuels Inspired and Educated Men to go for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Prevention

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One of the best ways of catching prostate cancer early is to go for an early diagnosis. If this condition is diagnosed early, then the chance of getting treated increases.

This has been a statement of fact and one that has really worked for Robert Samuels who just died on November 18, 2012 at the age of 74.

Who is Robert Samuels and how is he linked with diagnoses of prostate cancer?

According to an publication on November 20 by the Tampa Bay Online website, “Robert Samuels, whose diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer nearly 20 years ago turned him into an outspoken activist regarding the disease, died Sunday. He was 74.

Samuels was born in Philadelphia on Aug. 14, 1938, the son of a teenage mother.

He grew up in poverty and joined the Air Force in the 1950s. After leaving the military, Samuels entered banking while living in Philadelphia.

In 1969, he became the first black selected for management training at New York’s Manufacturers Hanover Bank. He rose through the ranks to become vice president.

He was the founding president of the National Association of Urban Bankers. He retired from banking in 1992 and moved to Tampa, marrying Lillie Donzell Abraham four years later.

In 1994, Samuels was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. Doctors gave him five years to live. The news was a shock that inspired him to act.”

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, Samuel set himself the objective of educating himself and other men about diagnoses, risk and prevention of prostate cancer.

In the years following his diagnoses, Robert Samuel became an inspiration to many African Americans who later got tested for prostate cancer at the African American Men’s Health Forum which he founded in 2000.

This forum is to add to other organizations like the Florida Prostate Cancer Network and National Prostate Cancer Coalition that aimed to educate men about this cancer which now kills about 30,000 men in the United States.

Conclusively, during his lifetime and with the legacy he left behind, Robert Samuels was indeed an inspiration to men living in Tampa and other parts of the country.

Many Tampa, Florida citizens like Al Austin, who helped to raise funds for Samuel’s project has this to say. “He was a strong proponent for helping people deal with prostate cancer,”

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