Ride To Live In Vancouver Raises Fund for Prostate Cancer Research

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Prostate cancer is a condition that affects many men in North America and in other parts of the world. It is estimated that one in ten persons would be diagnosed with the condition. This is a cancer that slowly originates from the prostate gland and could become aggressive overtime. After lung cancer, this cancer top list of the most deadly cancers for men.

That being said, it should not be denied that cancer of the prostate is deadly and every effort should be in place to support prostate cancer research so that a permanent cure would be provided. One of the efforts being carried out in the Island of Vancouver, Canada is Ride to Live Rally. This rally is an annually event to raise money for prostate cancer research. Here is an online excerpt on the Ride to Live rally that would be held in 2012:

The Vancouver Island Ride to Live to raise money for prostate cancer research and assistance kicked off Thursday at the Bob Wright Centre at the University of Victoria.

Motorcyclists were on site to help highlight the event and bring attention to the research into prostate cancer treatment at UVic, headed by Fraser Hof, associate professor with the chemistry department.

Prostate cancer is the most detected cancer in men and the second-most fatal, after skin cancer. In 2012, an estimated 750 men on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands will be diagnosed, and 100 men will die of the disease.

The Ride to Live motorcycle rally was first held in 2010 and has since raised nearly $181,000 to battle the disease. This year, it’s expected more than 200 riders will sign up for the June 3 ride from Langford to Sidney.

Heather Gardiner, executive director of the Prostate Centre, said all the money raised by the Ride to Live stays on Vancouver Island, supporting research including Hof’s and funding support organizations such as the Prostate Centre.

“Today, when you so often don’t know where your money is going, it’s nice to think it’s staying here,” Gardiner said. Source.

Prostate Cancer research is supported through the Ride to Live rally. You too can be a part of this program by signing up and making your donation. There have been many breakthrough discoveries in the areas of research for this condition. With more financial aid and support, more can still be achieved.

Finally, with a program like the Ride to Live raising money for research efforts in this condition becomes so much easy and fun. It is voluntary and rewarding. Other types of programs and initiatives can still be followed to help contribute your quota in providing lasting remedy for the scourge of prostate cancer.



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