Radical Prostatectomy Cancer of the Prostate and Erectile Dysfunction

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One of the symptoms that you are most likely to come across when you are dealing with cancer of the prostate is erectile dysfunction. It is sad but it is that erectile dysfunction often occurs as a symptom of the disease itself once the cancers have started to progress and advance out of the confines of the prostate gland, and as a complication that arises in response to treatment. It is pretty obvious really; considering the delicateness of the region surrounding the prostate, one can perfectly conceive how it is possible that a prostate cancer patient during treatment can suffer damages to nerves and blood vessels which would tend to leave him impotent.

But it is a risk that many men, though not excited about the prospects, understand that they have to take when they are looking at the rest of their lives either as a death sentence, or one in which they suffer the consequences of erectile dysfunction. Early stage prostate cancer may have no symptoms worthy of note, but once the carcinoma starts to metastasize, there is often sufficient pain in the urethra to result in discontinuous urination and penile dysfunction. The enlargement of the prostate having resulted in blockage this way, often leads to bleeding and hurting both while urinating and while having intercourse.

It is treatable by surgery, but one has to look at the big picture before embarking on such a procedure only to fail to catch the rest of the mutated cells that have managed to make it out to the bloodstream, the lymphatic system, and the bones. This bone metastasis becomes a problem too in the later stages of prostate cancer because it results in brittleness, bone pain, fractures, and overall weakness. And yes, as the cancerous cells compress the spinal cord, you are eventually going to come full circle when you still have to deal with incontinence, impotence, and paralysis.

The best is to deal with the condition once and for all with the most appropriate prostate cancer treatment available. Localized prostate cancer in the gland itself will respond to radiation treatment, while a laparoscopic prostatectomy will also do the trick. Of course you run the risk of erectile dysfunction, but most such can be taken care of with the little blue pill. Should it be found that the disease has spread a proper staging thereof has to be made in order to determine the best (or combination) course of treatment.

It might interest you to learn that there are procedures that can lower the risk of erectile dysfunction as a side effect of prostate cancer treatment. Cryosurgery for instance offers the application of a warm catheter of liquid to sustain the other nerves and the urethra during the operation. For a radical prostatectomy, nerve sparring is attempted to limit the damage to the area, and Viagra helps once the treatments are over to restore a degree of potency. And if you are only suffering the symptoms as a result of radiation treatment, thank your lucky stars because you just might end up watching the complication fade with the other effects of the therapy.

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