Q & A: Advice for Men Just Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

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For many men diagnosed with prostate cancer for the first time, uncertainty and shock could take over their emotions. However, it is to be noted that prostate cancer is not a life sentence. It can be treated and cured if diagnosed early. More so, even the aggressive forms of the disease can be treated.

Dr. Phillippa Cheetham, a Board certified Urological Surgeon in a Q and A article online answered questions relating to the cure of prostate cancer. The following is an excerpt on the what the urologist will advice men just diagnosed with cancer of the prostate:

Q: What advice would you give a man just diagnosed with prostate cancer?

Dr. Phillippa Cheetham: First of all take a deep breath, and don’t panic. Understand your diagnosis. Ask your doctor to explain your biopsy report and any scan results to you in a language that you understand. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if your doctor is not making sense to you.

If it helps, ask your doctor if they can draw a picture to explain things better to you. When your doctor explains your biopsy report to you, make sure you understand exactly where the cancer is (is it confined to the prostate? is the capsule involved? has the disease spread outside the prostate into the pelvis? is there any disease outside the pelvis, for example in the lymph nodes or in the bones? Is the cancer on one side or both sides of the prostate (which may mean the cancer can be treated with a focal therapy)?

How much cancer is there? (i.e. how many cores of prostate tissue were affected? Is this an aggressive or non-aggressive type of prostate cancer? What is the grade (Gleason grade of cancer? Don’t rush into choosing the first treatment that is offered to you. Get a second (and third) opinion and get fully informed so you too can take an active role in deciding on which of the many treatment options is the best one for you.

The Q&A excerpt was part of the post made on the Chronicle Monday, December, 2012. The original article was titled “Just Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer?”Take a deep breath, and don’t panic.”

So, men that have issues concerning diagnoses with prostate cancer can find the advice from Dr. Phillippa Cheetham invaluable to extend their lives.

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