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A new research has reported that many websites that are passing out information about prostate cancer are written above the understanding of the average reader. In this study, it was noted that only about 4.8 percent of prostate cancer websites can be understood by those below high school.

Details of this new research have been reported in a article published on HealthDay News, November 15, 2012.

The research was conducted by the Loyola University Medical Center. In the study, the reading grade level of about 62 websites was reviewed. It was revealed that most of the sites (about 63 percent) were written to the 12-th grade reading level and the easiest of these were written to the level that can be read by those in the 10th grade.

This report means that most of these sites violates the recommendations of the U.S National Institutes of Health, which states that  patient-education materials  should be written to the level and understanding of the sixth-grade level.

In a release following the study, Dr. Gopal Gupta and fellow researchers were disappointed to note that “”No sites in our study were written at the level recommended by the NIH (fourth to sixth grade). Given that nearly one-third of the U.S. population reads below high school level, this raises the concern that many patients will have difficulty comprehending online information about prostate cancer treatment options.”

This is really a concern because it poses a lot of difficulty for most people who would want to access quick and helpful information about prostate cancer. This is not surprising because prostate cancer is known to be one of the most difficult issues to understand.

As a way of providing solution to this problem, the researchers advised and concluded that “Clinicians should be aware that some of their patients may not be able to read online information and should consciously guide patients with low literacy to not only high-quality websites, but also sites that are easy to read to prevent confusion and anxiety after being diagnosed with prostate cancer,”

Finally, detail on this study is published in the Journal of Urology.

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