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Bavarian Nordic A/S is a company that has recently being recruiting or enrolling members for a 1,200-patient Phase III clinical trial on prostate cancer.

The Denmark-based parent company has now parted ways with Reiner Laus, who has the led the company’s cancer vaccine division since 2005. The following details highlights more facts on the executive changes that relate to prostate cancer:

Reiner Laus, president of Bavarian Nordic A/S’s cancer vaccines division and head of BN ImmunoTherapeutics in Mountain View, left the company Tuesday during an ongoing late-stage trial of its experimental prostate cancer vaccine.

The Denmark-based parent company did not provide more details about the circumstances that led to Laus’ departure. Laus also declined to comment.

The company said the search for Laus’ replacement is expected to conclude soon.

Laus, who was the fourth employee at Dendreon Corp. (NASDAQ: DNDN), the Seattle developer of the Provenge prostate cancer vaccine, had headed BN ImmunoTherapeutics since 2005. He helped develop the company’s clinical pipeline, most significantly Prostvac, which is in a Phase III trial in prostate cancer.

Reiner Laus had led Bavarian Nordic's Mountain View-based cancer immunotherapy unit since 2005.

Reiner Laus had led Bavarian Nordic's Mountain View-based cancer immunotherapy unit since 2005.(

BN started its 1,200-patient Phase III trial in November 2011. The study is expected to fully enroll by the end of 2013. Data would read out in late 2015.  Source.

This website wishes Reiner Laus in his next move. We also will not fail to appreciate his contributions to prostate cancer vaccine development during his stay at the BN.

Prostate cancer vaccine is an immunotherapy vaccine that can be applied to treat late stage cancer that has originated from the prostate gland. The phase III clinical trial is expected to help lead way for the approval of the vaccine for prostate cancer.

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