Prostate Cancer Tumor Worse in Overweight Men – New Study

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If you are have increased body weight or obese and have been diagnosed with localized prostate cancer, your condition is more likely to get worse than someone who is not obese.

A confirmation of this was made recently from a study conducted on about 119 men clinically diagnosed with localized prostate cancer. The research conducted at the University of Michigan showed that there is high risk for worse symptoms in men that has increased Body Mass Index (BMI).

The risk of worse prostate tumors was put at six times more in obese men than those with low BMI. Below are more details on this new study:

A study indicates men with early stage prostate cancer are more likely to have worse-looking tumors if they are overweight or obese, U.S. researchers say.

Vincent Freeman of the University of Illinois at Chicago and colleagues examined body mass index, prostate-specific antigen levels, physical exam results and prostate cancer biopsy results in 119 men who were awaiting surgery for clinically localized prostate cancer.

“Endpoint results showed that the risk for cancer recurrence increased with increasing BMI. Men in the upper quartile for BMI were nearly eight times more likely to have prostate cancers that had a moderate-to-high risk for recurrence after treatment compared with men in the lower quartile,” Freeman said in a statement. “The risk of having larger and more aggressive-appearing tumors were more likely to recur after surgery, did increase with increasing body mass index.”

Freeman said the risk was three times higher for overweight men and six times higher for obese men, compared with healthy-weight men. He advised men to achieve and stay at a healthy weight.

The study was presented at a meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. Source.

This study readily reaffirms the need for men to watch their weight and stay healthy. If the right weight is maintained then it is less likely that prostate cancer tumors will get worse. Prostate cancer could be become aggressive and recur even after surgery it is therefore important not to do things that can encourage it.

Many men have been diagnosed of prostate cancer in the America and it is important be proactive and ensure that the disease is prevented, especially if we are more susceptible to be diagnosed of it because of our family history.

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