Prostate Cancer Treatment – First Clinical Trial for ValiRx’s VAL201 to Commence

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ValiRx is a life science company notable for the manufacture of anti-cancer and therapeutic. It is now raising funds to finance an anti- cancer therapeutic in the first clinical trials on humans. Hopefully, this will add to the number of effective drugs that are used to treat cancer of the prostrate.

VAL201 already has shown efficacy in prostate, breast and ovarian cancer models as well as addressing endometriosis – as reported in an online article published November 22, 2012 at In the article, it was also reported that Val 201 is a compound that have shown huge potency in reducing metastasis prostate cancer.

This means it can help to prevent the spread of aggressive tumors from the prostate regions to other organs in the body. By and large, the issues of secondary tumors on organs are properly handled.

For its first clinical development, ValiRx has commissioned the manufacture the VAL201 lead compound in sufficient quantity to be tested on humans. Outcome of this trial will help determine if the company is to proceed to the second trials and eventually to the third and last stage where approval could be made by the Food and Drug Administration.

ValiRx’s CEO was is quoted as saying:  “I am very pleased with the outcome of the placing and to see VAL201, the first of several ValiRx compounds, now funded through its first in-human clinical development, as the company seeks to drive greater shareholder value by conducting Phase I trials directly, rather than out-licensing the compound at this stage.”

The financing for this anti cancer project will come from the expected 2.03m Pounds Sterling to be raised from public offer.

Conclusively, it’s good to see that many more research works are carried out and many clinical trials are ongoing to bring an end to various effects of cancer. Prostate cancer is the type of cancer that starts from the prostate gland and could spread to other parts of the body. It kills approximately 30,000 men in the United States annually.

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