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Living out of the Horizontal City ? Atlanta, Georgia and looking for help of any sort with a condition like prostate cancer, or with any other form of cancer for that matter, you are in luck because you don’t have to look very far. To begin with, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention employs a large number of Atlanta area residents, so that the chances that you could run into someone who might just know something about the condition are that much higher. The CDC has its headquarters and main laboratories in the big ATL, where they conduct research into the origin and occurrence of various diseases, and develop various methods for their control and prevention.

But say you are looking for something a little bit more specific and specialized, there is the Dekalb Medical Center located in the Atlanta suburb of Decantur, Georgia, a nonprofit outfit that is outfitted with the best that there is to offer in cancer interventions and remedies. And then there is the Georgia Cancer Specialists, GCS, where they provide cancer information, carryout research, and provide care for all kinds of cancer patients. They even provide individualized attention for the unique treatment of whatever condition you may be suffering from. In a world where prostate cancer manifests itself in so varied a number of ways, this is precisely what you need.

The Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia (RCOG) have even come up with ProstRcision, a radiotherapy prostate kind of cancer treatment that assures you of relief and can guarantee you close to ten years of biochemical disease free living once you have been cured the first time of early stage prostate cancer. They also are into the latest advances in robotic procedures that have made prostate carcinoma surgery a less invasive process, generally improving long term cure rates for those men that have elected robotic prostate cancer surgeries such as a Da Vinci Radical Prostatectomy.

And then there are the hospitals, several of them littered across the lush and ever expanding landscape, where you can get the best of cancer type of prostate screening, improved diagnostics, and even better treatments for the condition. I could name a few, but do I really need to? Piedmont Hospital Cancer Center, LasikPlus Vision Center, Georgia Cancer Treatment and Hematology Center, and the Specialty Center for Cancer Care and Research at St. Jo’s, are but a few of them as far as prostate cancer centers go in ATL, GA.

You only need to pick up the phone directory and call to book an appointment. Better yet, you can go online and visit their websites, fill in the applications, and then make the appointment. But if you decide to drive up to the place and let them know that you’ve got issues, they wouldn’t be throwing you out either.

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