Prostate Cancer Survivor – A Dad in North Carolina Inspires Others to Get Screened

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A dad that was diagnosed with prostate cancer three years ago is now taking steps to help other men get tested soon for the disease. Joe Holtslag (68) was diagnosed about three years ago and has not had earlier screening.

However, after his diagnoses, he realized the need to go for testing sooner. He is now advocating for early screening. He started out be encouraging his two sons to get to their doctors for testing.

The following is an online extract about the inspiration offered by this North Carolina dad:

A Burlington man living with prostate cancer hopes to inspire other dads to get tested soon for Father’s Day.

68-year-old Joe Holtslag says it’s the little things he enjoys now like spending more time with his grandkids.

“That’s all small stuff now. It’s more important to spend time with the grandchildren and my kids, and however, making their lives a little easier.”

Three years ago, Holtslag was diagnosed with a lower form of prostate cancer, but just last year, his cancer worsened.

“I didn’t know anything about getting tested for prostate cancer and both of my sons, I made sure that they got to the doctor.”

Joe Holtslag is not alone. According to, prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer in America, affecting 1 in 6 men.

According to Prostate Cancer Coalition of North Carolina, the death rate from prostate cancer in North Carolina is one of the highest in the nation.

African American men in North Carolina have one of the highest death rates from prostate cancer in the world.

Prostate cancer is the 2nd leading cancer killer among men. About 30,000 men die every year of prostate cancer. Source.

With the story above, it becomes important that men should go for early testing of prostate cancer. The early the diagnosis, the better treatments that would be provided.

Prostate cancer in the early stages can be compared to the symptoms of late or advanced stages. It is possible that Joe Holtslag would have been aware of how to prevent cancer of the prostate with prior information and screening.

So, fathers should learn something from the above story and get on early testing for prostate cancer.

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