Prostate Cancer Hope At Last – New Conventional And Alternative Treatments

In the past, there has been so much consternation in the medical community over the past several years because of the way things have been with regard to prostate cancer; and even though there have been recorded improvements in the treatment of the disease, as well as in its screening, diagnosis, and staging, the fact remains that up until recently, the disease was poorly understood and the death rate is too high anyhow.

Fortunately, the latest reports on cures and treatments for prostate cancer are starting to roll in by now and presenting brilliant results. All of a sudden, when many have condemned the incredibly slow pace at which research was advancing with prostate kind of cancer all over the world, the efforts are starting to pay off in a manner that is bound to be positive.

Some treatments have emerged, for instance, that make previous prostate disease interventions look silly. Cryosurgery is the latest in prostate cancer surgical operations, one that has been proven to cause fewer problems with urinary control, has a ten year biochemical disease free rate superior to other treatments, and also show to be superior for recurrent prostate condition after radiation treatment to prostatectomy. Another treatment procedure is proton therapy, practically deleting the faults to be found in radiation treatments; and a third, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, which is even better still.

By way of diet and nutrition, it is now clear that certain foods can be used in preventing the occurrence of this cancer, and others can be used in actually causing the disease to die during the cause of treatment. Capsaicin, for instance, a chili substance in pepper, has been determined in clinical trials to be able to cause self imposed apoptosis in advanced prostate cancer cells.

This coming at a time when advanced prostate malignant tumor is not believed to be curable is majorly a plus. One similar finding that challenges the life expectancy for late stage prostate cancer patients is that radiation therapy and radical prostatectomy might just be able to prolong the file of a patient who is expected to die within just a few years by as much as double.

New drugs popping up all the time are improving treatments by chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and hormonal therapy, while better diagnostic methods are also being explored. A good example of this latter is the study of sperm in the place of a PSA test to determine the presence of cancer cells in the prostate. Something like this would certainly reduce the invasiveness of other techniques. Talk about hope at last! Suddenly we can see the end of the long dark tunnel, and now we know that soon? soon that guaranteed cure for the disease will up and present itself to mankind.

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