Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials – PharmaFlare’s Report on Completed Clinical Trials by Reporting Group

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There is now a new press release on completed clinical trials of prostate cancer by reporting group. This report is being published online by PharmaFlare.

The report uses information and data from multiple sources. Details from the report are vital for companies, professionals, as well as patients of prostate cancer.

The following is a highlight of the report as published January 21, 2013 in

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the “Prostate Cancer – Clinical Trials – Efficacy and Side Effects by Reporting Groups – Reference Directory, Comparison Guide, Database & Handbook” report to their offering.

PharmaFlare’s pharmaceutical report, Prostate Cancer – Clinical Trials – Efficacy and Side Effects by Reporting Groups – Reference Directory, Comparison Guide, Database & Handbook is a comprehensive compilation of all Prostate cancer completed clinical trials by reporting group.

The report offers comprehensive data set at the most atomic level of prostate cancer clinical trials & is the basis for FDA approvals & prescription choices. It also includes information and data relating to study details, phase, efficacy and safety comparison, sponsor, investigator, collaborator, and other key parameters. The report is built using data and information sourced from multiple data sources.


– Data on the number of clinical trials conducted in the US

– Completed clinical trials data by reporting group, phase, sponsor, number of patients recruited and investigator details

– Efficacy and safety comparison by reporting groups

Who should buy this type of report?

– Pharma Companies

– Hospitals

– Insurance Companies

– Investors and Venture Capitalists

– Industry Analysts & Consultants

– Industry association

– Universities and Research Organizations

Reasons To Buy:

– PharmaFlare’s reporting group comparison allows you to evaluate the best drug combinations within the group in terms efficacy and safety

– Identify key drugs and companies within the prostate cancer pipeline

– Identify most promising paradigm shifting pipeline products

– PharmaFlare’s color coding technique allows quick evaluation of efficacy and safety by reporting groups

– Identify and understand important clinical details of Prostate Cancer

– Reinforce R&D pipelines by identifying need gap analysis

Companies Mentioned

– Dendreon

– Astrazeneca

– Glaxosmithkline

– Ferring Pharmaceuticals

– Pfizer

– Eisai

– Sanofi

– Bristol-Myers Squibb

For more information visit

Thus, the above is just some of the highlights contained in the report for completed clinical trials. You sure will get full details about this PharmaFlare’s pharmceutical report from the links provided in the above article.

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