Prostate Cancer Canada (PCC) Launches Research Strategy aims at Allocating Funds for Prostate Cancer Studies

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A Canadian prostate cancer organization has announced that it is carrying out an initiative funding programs aimed at allocating funds to prostate cancer research.

These programs are carried out with the use of donor funds received from a donor charity known as Movember. The funds allocated to PCC are going to be channeled into three areas of prostate cancer: innovative research, team science, and human capacity building.

This move is going to encourage research efforts in finding the cause, treatment and cure for this men-related cancer. More details are provided below:

Prostate Cancer Canada (PCC) is pleased to announce the launch of its Research Strategy which outlines where to best allocate PCC research funds and funds raised by Movember for prostate cancer research. The strategy has identified three areas as priorities:

  1. Innovative Research
  2. Team Science
  3. Human Capacity Building

These areas will be addressed in the coming months through the launch of a new suite of research programs. Prostate Cancer Canada recognizes the Movember Foundation as the key funder of programs funded through this strategy and thanks all Canadians for supporting the cause during the month of November.

Through these three priorities, PCC is continuing in its commitment to fund only the most innovative prostate cancer research in order to develop new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat prostate cancer and better manage the issues experienced by men and their families as they go through their prostate cancer journey. There will also be a greater emphasis on collaboration through team science, building on the outstanding reputation of Canadian prostate cancer researchers in this area. Finally there will be a focus on ensuring we are able to attract the best people to prostate cancer research in Canada that will ultimately result in an increase in our ability as a country to generate new knowledge that will have both a local and global impact on the disease.

“Thanks to the success and generosity of Movember, we are able to prioritize and establish research programs that will advance the cause of prostate cancer,” said Steve Jones, Prostate Cancer Canada’s President and CEO. “We are now in a position to make a significant impact on the cause, treatment and cure of the disease while providing increased support for survivors and those living with prostate cancer.”

PCC is focused on making meaningful and measurable investments in prostate cancer research that will have the greatest impact on the disease, develop innovative programs that build and sustain the research community and educate the next generation of prostate cancer research leaders.

“The implementation of this strategy will present opportunities for the advancement of prostate cancer that were never before possible,” said Pete Bombaci, National Director, Movember Canada. “It’s the dedication and passion of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas that helps to make this possible and it is continually inspiring others.”  Click here to read the complete extract.

Conclusively, PCC is taking a very important initiative by channeling resources that will help provide lasting solution to the challenges posed by prostate cancer.

The Research Strategy is a welcomed one and it is expected to make positive impacts in the areas that have been earmarked. Movember should still be commended for providing funding for PCC and supporting programs aimed at reducing the number of male deaths by cancer.

Other non-for profit organizations and the general public should also help in initiating this kind of program. Cure for prostate cancer should be the concern for all.

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