Prostate Cancer Awareness – $1Million Raised for Prostate Cancer Foundation

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The New Zealand Chapter of the Prostate Cancer Foundation has raised about $1Million as part of its “Blue September” prostate cancer campaign.

This is about the largest contribution the organization has received from sponsors in New Zealand. This contribution has come largely from sponsors through the PlaceMakers’ campaign.

Prostate Cancer Foundation New Zealand (PCFNZ) has been engaging in fundraising since 2008 when it started sponsoring the Blue September. Different events and activities are organized to raise awareness and raise funds that would be used to sponsor ongoing research efforts towards finding solutions to prostate cancer. The research efforts include finding the best diagnostic and most effective treatments for this type of cancer that affects many Kiwi men.

PlaceMakers’ Contribution to the Prostate Cancer Foundation New Zealand did not go unappreciated as Keith Beck, the CEO of Prostate Cancer remarked: “Prostate Cancer Foundation is really fortunate to have a group of committed sponsors and it has been really fantastic working with PlaceMakers. Their clients are almost all male and so the fit with prostate cancer awareness couldn’t be better”.  This remark was made at a presentation on November 22, 2012 at SKYCITY.

Many key supporters were around to commend and acknowledge the contribution of the New Zealand company, PlaceMaker.

The Blue September campaign by the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) this year has been a successful with different events like motorbikes rides, golf days, house auctions, etc carried out to create awareness and raise funds for prostate cancer.

PlaceMakers CEO Mr. Beveridge stated that the company is pleased with the result it has achieved for the Foundation and would be pleased to do more in the coming years.

Finally, Prostate Cancer affects many men that are 50 years and above. Other factors like ethnicity, genes, diet, etc could be risk factors. In New Zealand, awareness for this cancer is still low compared to that of breast cancer.

With the latest participations of individuals and corporate organizations better financial support and awareness are now created.

More details on the $1millon donated for the fight against prostate cancer can be accessed from

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