Nile Rodgers Battles A Life of Prostate Cancer – Scan shows He is Cancer-Free

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Nile Rodgers may not strike a popular name for many but he is an accomplished music writer and producer.

This artiste was diagnosed with prostate cancer about two years ago and he has been keeping very busy despite his state of health. He still attends shows and keeps himself socially engaged in New York.

The following is a highlight of how this musical Icon managed his condition and even recent scan shows that his is “cancer-free”. The excerpt is from the BBC website:

 Music writer and producer Nile Rodgers was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer just over two years ago.

He now frequently walks the streets of New York to help his recuperation, and still blogs musings of his musical journey. BBC producer Paul McClean spent time with Nile following his footsteps.

When he was first diagnosed with cancer, in shock, Nile refused to cancel a gig that weekend in Rome.

“I still didn’t internalise that information,” he says calmly.

Having been a session player at the Apollo Theatre and played every US venue, from tiny Hicksville toilet tours to sell-out arena mega-domes, his attitude was very much “the show must go on”.

He played the gig in Italy as if nothing had happened, came back, steeled his resolve and took up his fight on his own terms.

“A good doctor friend of mine was stricken with cancer when he was in medical school and he came to my house to prepare me for what would happen,” remembers Nile.

“He said: ‘Welcome to life on Planet C’ – because it’s not just when you’re in the throes of cancer, it’s what happens after, because it’s always outside the door looming.”

Nile remembers feeling very lonely.

“I just decided I needed someone to talk to. Because I don’t sleep, I couldn’t bug all my friends, so I went to the internet because when it’s night-time here, it’s daytime somewhere else.

“I was out walking and it was one of those mega snowstorms.

“I walked into my local deli and Sister Sledge’s We Are Family was playing and I was going like, ‘Hey I wrote that!’ and they looked at me like I was from another planet, and in that one fell swoop I felt very insignificant.

“I didn’t want to die without people knowing I had done something that’s bigger than myself, and We are Family is bigger than me. So I sent out that first blog.

“I don’t even remember what I said but it was pretty heavy. I had literally just got out of the hospital and that was the day that I went for my first walk.”

Nile opted for a radical prostatectomy – which removes the whole prostate gland. He was hospitalised for two days after his surgery but continued to receive “painful bio-feedback therapy” for several months after his operation.

“As I approach my second cancer-free year, I’m starting to feel like myself again,” he says.  Read the complete excerpt here.

Nile Rodgers is once again another famous personality that has been diagnosed and living with prostate cancer. His story can provide some form of inspiration for men that have been affected by the condition. Its important to be positive when living with cancer of the prostate.

With commitment to quality health care and improved lifestyle the “journey to living with prostate cancer” would be easy. Many men should read the Nile Rodger’s prostate cancer battle and learn from it. Early screening and treatment is still very important in managing this condition effectively.

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