New Report Indicates Most Prostate Cancer Patients are satisfied after RALP Treatment

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RALP is the acronym for robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy. It is a kind of robotic surgery carried out to treat individuals with localized prostate cancer.

A recent study on about 953 men that underwent this surgery reveals many of them are satisfied with the outcome of the treatment. They don’t regret the decision of undergoing the treatment because they relatively have improved quality of life.

Postoperative conditions often affect the quality of life of most patients that undergo surgical removal of their prostate gland. Urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, etc are the main side effects of these surgical treatments for localized prostate cancer.

The findings of the study on the 953 patients have been published in the December, 2012 edition of The Journal of Urology. The following paragraphs provide more details on this study.

From an article published Monday, Dec 3, 2012, by roboticoncology at The Sacramento Bee, the report of questionnaires issued patients that underwent RALP performed by Dr. Samadi of New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center reveals about 88 percent of the patients that completed questionnaires regarding their quality of life after the procedure expressed satisfaction with the treatment.

The article reveals that Dr. Samadi implores the used of custom RALP surgery under his Samadi Modified Assisted Robotic Technique (SMART). More so, according to the article:

In this study Dr. Samadi and his colleagues sought to define specific factors impacting patient decisional regret following RALP for localized prostate cancer. Their analysis focused on the relationship between independent baseline status and quality of life after surgery, namely patient age and erectile and urinary functions before and after surgery.

“It is encouraging that nearly a year after surgery, the majority of my patients are satisfied with their treatment choice and quality of life,” said Dr. Samadi. “I believe these findings highlight the importance of pre-op counseling; working one-on-one with patients and their partners to provide a realistic assessment of before and after functions.”

The success of the RALP surgery may depend on a number of different variables. However, with prior counseling before the treatment men would be able to take proper decision as to know if the treatment really would meet their needs.

In the concluding part of The Sacramento Bee article, Dr. Samadi has to explain “What we found is that patient satisfaction with robotic surgery depends on a range of pre- and post operative variables. This reinforces the need for patient-specific treatment counseling before surgery and a continuing doctor-patient relationship during post-surgery rehabilitation.”

Conclusively, more details about the above study and about Dr. Samadi can be accessed from the December 3 article on The Sacramento Bee.

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