New Prostate Cancer Treatments Promises Fewer Side Effects

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One of the things that may discourage men diagnosed with prostate cancer not to choose surgical removal of the prostate gland that has been affected by cancer is the fear of side effects. You cannot blame them because the consequences of urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction could be more traumatizing than the effects of prostate cancer originally.

Thanks to continuous researches, new treatments that promise fewer side effects have been discovered. Among these new treatment options is the focal therapy that is known to improve the sexual prowess of men for up to 90%. The following extract online gives credence to the above fact:

“The results of our study are very encouraging. We hope that men diagnosed with prostate cancer may soon be able to undergo a day-surgery procedure to treat their condition with very few side effects. That could mean a significant improvement in their quality of life.”

Dr. Hashim Ahmed, The Lancet, April 17

WHAT follows is mostly good news; and because any woman with special men in her life has a vested interest in how treatments for prostate cancer evolve, the stories are as relevant to women as to men.

At some point in our lives, up close and personal or on video, most of us have seen a guy doubled over in excruciating pain after he’s been hit in the groin with a badly aimed object. We can only imagine how that man would feel if such obvious discomfort were to last for months on end.

Yet that may occur if the nerves that wrap around the walnut-sized prostate gland are unavoidably compromised during the intricate surgery that, traditionally, has been the treatment of choice for an advancing cancer.

Add to that the embarrassment of temporary or ongoing incontinence, or the loss of self-esteem related to a diminished sexual prowess and you have a recipe for post-surgical depression serious enough to warrant counselling.

No surprise then that the results of a 2007-2010 of a nerve-sparing treatment by Dr. Hashim Ahmed and his colleagues at London’s University College Hospital are being called encouraging – particularly when they are echoed by Drs. Matvey Tsivian, Michael Abern and Thomas Polascik in their own Lancet article, Prostate Cancer Treatment Unblinded.

Polascik is director of a Focal Therapy Program in North Carolina which uses magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to guide the treatment in its work at Duke University Medical Centre, North Carolina. Read the complete article here.

Prostate cancer treatments are now encouraging as they are now providing few side effects. HIFU or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is one treatment that has proven to allay the fears of those who might not be keen on going for radical prostatectomy or radiation therapy. In addition, there are quite a number of other alternative therapies that still promise lower side effects. You can be rest assured that, if necessary, your prostate treatment will improve the quality of your life.

Finally, talk to your doctor about the possible side effects of any kind of treatment (invasive or otherwise) to get rid of cancer in your prostate.


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