New Miracle Drugs to Cure Prostate Cancer – Abiraterone

There actually are many treatments for prostate cancer and new drugs for prostate cancer. They all have their varying degrees of success against the malignancy. However there is still much to be desired in prostate cancer intervention because all of these known therapies have their own shortcomings, and most of them are so fraught with side effects that some patients actually prefer to go on without treatment, while others insist on alternative treatments for the condition.

I have got to admit that it does not happen too often, but there are instances when it does. For instance, you might consider an old man diagnosed with prostate cancer in the early stages, who is also made aware that this cancer of the prostate is a slow growing thing and that he has the chances of actually dying of other complications or symptoms of aging before the indicating signs of the prostate melanoma start to appear. Someone like that would very likely opt for active surveillance, strongly hoping that the disease does not catch up with him before something else does. A younger man in a similar position might even opt out of surgery and decide on watchful waiting in order to see if the condition will get worse ? and strongly hoping that it does not.

And so, you must understand why medical experts are still working so hard overtime to find a perfect cure for prostate cancer? and they really are not doing so badly at all. From time to time, new therapies emerge and breakthrough discoveries are made that propel prostate cancer research forward in quantum leaps. As of today, several have been brought to the fore, which are only in the conclusive phases of clinical trials before the final results are out. Amongst them is this new miracle drug to cure prostate cancer in the late stages, Abiraterone.

Abiraterone is a drug for treating aggressive prostate cancer that is showing great promise in the clinicals against prostate cancer, a disease that claims around 10,000 lives each year in the UK, and about three times that many in the United States. Earlier tests with the remedy have shown it shrinking tumors in as many as 80 per cent of the patients on the trial, although admittedly, the numbers were too few at the time for satisfactory representation of the general male populace.

Now they are doing it again, and this time with bigger numbers; and as suggested earlier, the results could be totally groundbreaking for prostate cancer patients and treatment all over the world. And what’s the update? Abiraterone is already looking very promising as a treatment for prostate cancer in the current clinical trials. It can be said to be among the good drugs medication for prostate problems, although not yet widely accepted by the medical community.

The research is being carried out by Cancer Research UK which also played an important role in the early development and testing of the drug, funding the research and also looking into the possibility of the use of the drug for advanced breast cancer in women. Strange; men live in fear of prostate cancer, and hope that if they ever have it, the disease does not spread past the prostate gland. Abiterone lives to attack the tumors that actually do make it through.

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