New Drug KBU2046 To Contain Metastases of Prostate Cancer

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There is a new discovery in  prostate cancer research. New studies conducted by scientists in the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center at Northwestern University in Illinois, showed that a new drug by the name KBU2046 can help to contain prostate cancer spread. Although this drug cannot stop the growth of the cancerous cells, but it can contain the spread so as to allow other treatments like radiation and radical prostatectomy to become more effective.

The development of this new drug can be described as a breakthrough in prostate cancer research as indicated by this publication:

Scientists report they have developed a drug that can prevent prostate cancer from spreading to nearby tissues and bone, increasing the chances of successful treatment.

The experimental compound doesn’t cure prostate cancer. It contains the disease so more traditional cancer therapies, such as surgery and radiation, have a chance to work.

Raymond Bergan is director of experimental therapeutics at the Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center at Northwestern University in Illinois, where the drug was developed.

Using breast cancer as an analogy, Bergan says it’s not the original cancer that’s lethal, but its spread or metastasis.

“The relevance of that is life versus death, literally,” he says. “If the cancer is localized, it’s very treatable, curable. If the cancer has spread throughout the body, it will take her life. We can treat it, but it will take her life.”

The new drug, called KBU2046, is a small molecule that attaches to tumor proteins involved in metastasis and disables them, so they can’t travel to distant organs. Bergan says it’s like turning off a switch that tells the cells to keep moving all the time.

Bergan and his colleagues transplanted aggressive human prostate cancer cells into mice, and then fed them the drug for five weeks. The compound prevented metastasis of the cancer to the lungs, a frequent site of tumor spread in men with prostate cancer.

Toxicity studies showed the compound is safe. Unlike other cancer therapies, which can cause significant side effects, investigators say the experimental drug spares healthy cells, causing minimal side effects.

Bergan is confident that KBU2046 will work to contain other cancers as well.

“We don’t think it’s specific to prostate cancer. We’ve done some early tests with other cancer cells in the laboratory and it appears to stop them from moving.”

Bergan stresses that drugs developed using animal models don’t always work in humans, and he’s looking forward to trials involving cancer patients. Source

So, research efforts to find the best treatment for prostate cancer are becoming more and more effective. This containment drug boosts treatment procedures for cancer of the prostate. Although the experiments confirming this drug worked very well mice, it is believed that similar results can be replicated in humans. Containing the metastasis of prostate cancer is very vital, this is because it helps to make other treatments much more effective.

Prostate cancer refers to the abnormal growth of cancer cells from the prostate gland. This gland is found in men and helps in the reproductive process. The symptoms of this condition in men affect the passing of urine and sexual performance. Aging men, diet, genes, medications, are some of the well known risk factor.

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