New Drug, Cabozantinib Helps Improve Improvement in Bone Scans For Prostate Cancer Patients

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Cabozantinib is a new drug that is manufactured to work as a second line of treatment for men with castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). This is the level of cancer that is known to highly aggressive and could no longer respond to hormonal treatments.

This new drug has being revealed in a new research to checkmate the effects of prostate cancer that has spread to the bones.

The research reveals that about two thirds of the patients treated with Cabozantinib showed remarkable improvements after bone scans where conducted on them. An updated article posted December 5, 2012 on reveals some details of the research conducted by experts from the University of Michigan Medical School. According to the David C. Smith, professor of internal medicine and urology who led the study, “The effects of cabozantinib on bone scans are unprecedented in the treatment of prostate cancer,”

Furthermore, details of how this new drug works were described in the article. Two of the passages reveal: Cabozantinib is designed to target two important pathways linked to the growth and spread of prostate cancer. The drug had the most effect on tumors that had spread to the bone, which is the major site where prostate cancer spreads, according to a Michigan statement.

These tumors are typically very challenging to treat once they become resistant to hormone-based therapies. In addition to the improvements on bone scans, 67 percent of patients with bone ache reported an improvement in pain control and 56 percent cut down or eliminated painkillers after treatment with cabozantinib.

Conclusively, these new drugs have really shown to be effective in treating men with aggressive prostate cancer. The findings of the Michigan study have been published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology reports.

This new drug is a step higher to treat cancer of the prostate, which the American Cancer Society estimates may kill 28,170 men and of which 241,740 Americans would be diagnosed of this year.

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