Metabolic Syndrome Increases the Risks of Death in Men with Prostate Cancer – Study

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A new study conducted by researchers at the Umea University in Sweden and published in journal “Cancer” this week reveals that men that has been diagnosed with prostate cancer could be more at risk of dying from the condition if they also have metabolic syndrome.

This syndrome relates to such factors like large body mass, high blood fats, high blood sugars, and high blood pressures. Details of the study have been published online and highlighted in the extract below:

A new study shows that metabolic factors – such as high blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, and body mass index – are linked to an increased risk of death from prostate cancer. Such metabolic factors are often grouped together as metabolic syndrome and are known collectively to increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

The study, published this week in the journal Cancer, looked at 289,866 men enrolled in the Metabolic Syndrome and Cancer Project at Umeå University in Sweden. Researchers found that during an average follow-up time of 12 years, 961 men died from prostate cancer, out of 6,673 diagnosed with the disease. Of those men, those in the highest category of body mass index had a 36% higher risk of dying from their prostate cancer, and those in the highest category for blood pressure had a 62% higher risk of dying from their prostate cancer.

“These observations suggest that cardiovascular risk factors such as overweight and hypertension are involved in stimulating the progression of prostate cancer,” said Dr. Pär Stattin, lead author of the study and a Urologist at Umeå University.

The study does not link metabolic factors to a risk of developing prostate cancer, only a higher risk of dying from the disease.

Earlier this year, metabolic abnormalities were also linked to more rapid cognitive decline as people age. Source.

So, the point made in the above extract is very clear. Those with conditions related to cardiovascular diseases have increased chance of dying with prostate cancer.

It becomes necessary to guide against metabolic syndrome. It’s good to know that the research did not identify metabolic syndrome as the causing cancer of the prostate.

If you have a high risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer then you should watch your body for metabolic abnormalities.

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