Men with the BRCA Gene That Indicates Prostate Cancer Have Treatment Options

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In some men with prostate cancer, the BRCA 1 and BRCA2 genes are associated with high risk cases.

There have been various treatment options that are usually applied to treat this condition. Some of the more traditional treatments come with side effects but these men still have option of going for the focal therapy procedure — this is a kind of MRI guided laser ablation that was first used by Desert Medical Imaging.

The following is an Interview   with Dr. John F Feller of the Desert Medical Imaging:

Dr. John F. Feller is a board certified diagnostic radiologist and founding partner of Desert Medical Imaging.

Feller has worked to develop an MRI-based prostate cancer detection program including MRI guided focal laser ablation for prostate cancer. Desert Medical Imaging was the first in the world to perform this outpatient focal therapy procedure for prostate cancer.

The Desert Sun sat down with Feller to talk about the increased risk of prostate cancer in men with the BRCA gene and what options they have for diagnosing and treating the disease.

TDS: How does the BRCA gene affect prostate cancer in men?

FELLER: There are two types of mutations of the BRAC gene — BRCA 1 and BRCA 2. The association of an increased risk of prostate cancer with BRCA 1 is not near as strong as it is with BRCA 2.

Men with the BRCA 1 gene have a 1.8 percent chance of developing prostate cancer under the age of 65. The association with BRCA 2 gene are much stronger with an elevated risk of 4.7 percent for all ages of men. Men with BRCA 2 who are under the age of 65 have a 7.3 percent chance of getting the cancer. The cancers also tend to be more aggressive, especially in men who are BRCA 2 positive.

What are the survival rates for men who have the gene and are diagnosed with Prostate cancer?

The median survival for men diagnosed with the BRCA 1 gene was eight years, while the median survival rate for male patients with the BRCA 2 was only 4 years.

What are your recommendations on men getting tested for the gene?

Right now there aren’t even any firm recommendations for BRCA testing in women so it’s not surprising that there aren’t any for men.

I would suggest that if a male patient has a first degree relative, say it’s your mom, and she was BRCA 1 or 2 positive, then it would be reasonable to test the sons. Especially if the mother is BRCA 2 positive.

What should men do if they test positive for the genes?

I would suggest that they have a Prostate-Specific Antigen, or PSA, test at a younger age.

What are the treatment options for prostate cancer?

There are a variety of options men have for treating prostate cancer. They can have the entire prostate gland removed or undergo radiation, cryo or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound therapies.

Unfortunately those treatments can lead to urinary incontinence or erectile dysfunction.

The procedure we do is much less invasive and eliminates the side effects compared to removing the entire prostate. We go into the gland, locate the cancer and then treat just that area. This allows us to avoid destroying other tissue that is not affected by the cancer. Source.

So, men with prostate cancer can take advantage of various treatment options but Keller is somehow putting a case for the MRI guided focal laser ablation.

This treatment promises fewer side effects and prevents the situation whereby healthy cells are destroyed.

This treatment is worth considering and may really be so effective for treating prostate cancer with BRCA gene. With the many options, it is left for men to really make an informed decision before going for treatment.

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