Men Urged To Take Advantage Of Prostate Cancer Exams At An Event

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This Saturday, an event it taking place at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.

It’s basically a symposium where men would be urged to go for prostate cancer exams. Early diagnosis of this disease will promote treatment and increase the survival rate.

This is part of the many other programs organized in various parts of the United States to mark September as the official prostate cancer month. Here are more details about this event as and the need for you to take part in it:

There is a famous Elton John song entitled “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” that was popular in the mid-’70s.

That person for me might be my wife, Adrienne, who insisted that I get a physical for my 50th birthday, something I’d put off for years. Doctors discovered I was overweight, out of shape and had diabetes. The good thing is I’ve been able to correct things through diet and exercise and since then have maintained my blood sugar below diabetic levels for three years.

Now it is time to save another life this Saturday at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History during the Prostate Cancer symposium. That person is you. Doctors and lecturers from the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute will speak to patients and health care professionals about getting men to go to the doctor for prostate exams.

I’ve been invited to give an opening talk around 8:30 am. The symposium is free, but you must register by calling (800) KARMANOS. Breakfast and lunch are served, and afterwards you can tour the museum.

The primary thing is to get men into the doctor’s office.

“Men tend to not go to the doctor,” said Dr. Isaac Powell, who is a co-chair for the event. “Real men don’t get sick, and when they do they don’t admit it. There is a lot of machoism and a fear to go to the doctor.”

That is true. Men believe that if they don’t feel any pain, then everything is OK. And if they do feel pain, that it will eventually go away. That simply is not true. Who knows what condition I’d be in if I hadn’t gone to the doctor. We caught the disease early, and the only treatment I’ve had was diet and exercise. That is pretty painless.

If I’d waited, then I’d be taking insulin shots. That is no fun.

My wife saved me. That is why it is important that this program is open to patients, families, social workers and doctors. Everybody must work together to get us stubborn old men into the doctor’s office.

“The main thing is the wives,” Dr. Powell said. “They usually insist that the men go to the doctors. That is the most important thing. We try to educate women, as well.”

One fear men have about prostate exams is erectile dysfunction, but Powell said there are new treatments the Karmanos Cancer Institute can give to help that if men get in for early treatment.

“With early diagnosis, there are many new cancer treatments out there,” Dr. Powell said. “There are many options out there that we can talk about.” Source.

Prostate cancer affects millions of people worldwide, in the United States alone, about one quarter of million will be diagnosed in 2012 and about 30,000 of these men will die from it. These are facts from the American Cancer Society.

More so, African Americans are more susceptible to this disease than other races. So, there is need for men to take advantage of this event and get tested for this disease.

Early detection can improve treatment for the disease and enhance your chances of survival. So, register now, and its good to know that its free.

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