Men Should Be Aware of the Risks of Prostate Cancer Pose to the Bones

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When cancer that originates from the prostate gland spreads through diffusion to other parts of the body, it would cause many risk complications for the man. For this reason, there is need, if possible to treat prostate cancer early so as to avoid these complications.

One of the important organs or tissues that suffer from metastasis prostate cancer is the bone. The person can experience excruciating pains, fracture and other forms of injuries on their bones if they are affected by this aggressive prostate cancer. Hence, this is not an experience to witness.

A recently published and updated online article has reiterated the need for African American men (and other men) to go for early screening for this disease, so they can be treated on time and avoid the not too pleasant effect of bone metastasis prostate cancer. Here is an excerpt from the publication:

Prostate cancer is a serious issue for men, with one in six diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime. However, it is especially important for African-American men, who have a one in five chance of being diagnosed, which is the highest incident rate than any other group in the U.S. A recent survey of 90 men showed that men with prostate cancer aren’t thinking about a potentially serious health concern that nearly all patients with advanced disease will experience – bone problems.

“Prostate cancer is a health concern that all men should be aware of, including African-American men who are at higher risk for this disease,” said Dr. Kris Gaston, urologist and clinical assistant professor of surgery/urology at the University of North Carolina. “I treat many of these men who are unaware of their risk of prostate cancer and are often diagnosed at later stages of the disease.”

When an African-American man is diagnosed with prostate cancer, he often has a more advanced level of the disease. In fact, a study looking at how prostate cancer can spread to other parts of the body found that African-American men were more likely than Caucasian men to have widespread disease with pain in their bones and had lower physical activity status. These results may be because African-American men are less likely to get tested for prostate cancer.

However, there are ways for African-American men to protect themselves. It is important for men to look out for prostate cancer early by speaking with their physicians about the signs and symptoms of the disease.

Bone health is a critical, yet often under-recognized facet of prostate cancer.

In early stages of prostate cancer, a man may receive hormone therapy that can cause bone loss and weakening. When prostate cancer advances, the most common place for it to spread is to the bone. This can cause severe pain and lead to bone complications, such as fractures and spinal cord injury, which may require surgery or radiation.

In fact, roughly 75 percent of patients with advanced prostate cancer and approximately 90 percent of patients with castrate-resistant prostate cancer will develop bone metastases. Yet, results from a recent survey showed that only seven percent of men with prostate cancer were familiar with the potential for bone complications from cancer spreading. Click here to continue reading the full article.

So, the need for men to be aware of the effects of prostate cancer on the bones has been reemphasized. You should not ignore the importance of early screening and treatment. Advanced prostate cancer can affect the bones and cut down your chances of survival.

The statistics above indicates that most men are not aware of the connection between this type of cancer and bone. This perspective should change now. You can consult with your doctor for early screening if you think you could be susceptible to prostate cancer (especially if you are an African American).

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