Lubbock Cancer Center Offers Patients the Latest Prostate Cancer Treatments

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The Lubbock Cancer Center in Texas is offering patients with prostate cancer the opportunity to access the latest prostate cancer treatments using Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT).

These are radiation treatments that allow doctors to treat cancer cells more precisely by delivering higher dose of radiation on them. The radiation helps to destroy those cells without causing damage to the neighboring cells.

Radiation treatment is one of the treatments applied to treat cancer of the prostate. With the IMRT and IGRT, innovative technology are applied to provide a better treatment option for men  with early stage prostate cancer. When men are diagnosed with cancer of the prostate, one of the most difficult decisions to reach is choosing the right or most effective treatment.

The medical director of Lubbock Cancer Center, Dr. Jui-Lien “Lillian” Chous acknowledges this fact and is quoted in a recent publication in lubbockonline on November 19, 2012: “Men diagnosed with prostate cancer need to make very personal decisions about treatment options. Foremost among these decisions is finding a knowledgeable, compassionate team of physicians and healthcare providers to guide him through the options for treatment”.

Dr. Chou and Medical team of the Lubbock Cancer Center

There are variations in the prostate cancer or the extent of the disease as it affects the patient; however the right treatment would be applied based on the determination of the extent of the condition.

In the published article, IMRT and IGRT were explained thus: With intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), radiation doses to tissues in the target area can be adjusted more precisely, allowing a higher radiation dose to the prostate and reduced doses to nearby normal tissues, minimizing damaged to the surround healthy tissue. IMRT employs advanced software to plan a precise dose of radiation, based on tumor size, shape and location.

Working in concert with IMRT is image-guide radiation therapy (IGRT), which acts as a guidance system to ensure radiation therapy is precisely delivered even as the target area moves due to patient positioning, breathing, and organ filling.

Both the IMRT and IGRT offers some positives as part of the safe and effective treatments classified under the External beam radiation therapy (EBRT).

Conclusively, if you are in the Lubbock area or you want to more information about how you can access and benefit from the IMRT and IGRT, visit the Lubbock Cancer Center at this address: at 4002 21st St., telephone (806) 793-1406.

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