Lord Mayor of Bristol Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer! Says Prognosis Positive

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The Lord of Mayor of Bristol in southwestern England, Peter Main has been diagnosed with cancer of the prostate.

This could be shocking news for this top citizen in Bristol but he is quite positive about it and hope to recuperate after six weeks of treatment.

The Mayor announced his condition at the beginning of a council meeting that took place November 20, 2012.

Furthermore, Mayor Maine announced that his deputy is going to take over the reins of administration while he is away for treatment. More details are provided below:

BRISTOL’S Lord Mayor, Peter Main, has been diagnosed with cancer.

The proud representative of the city announced his condition at the beginning of a council meeting yesterday afternoon.

Mr Main said: “As many colleagues will by now know, I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I’m pleased to be able to say that the prognosis is positive and we are hopeful that a period of treatment in the New Year will be fully effective.

“This treatment will be likely to mean that I am out of action for a period of around six weeks, during which time I am pleased that the Deputy Lord Mayor (Geoff Gollop) will be able to take up the reins whilst I recuperate.

“The office of the lord mayoralty in this most important and significant year is one that it would take something momentous to distract me from, and although I feel guilty about not being able to live up to expectations for all 52 weeks of my term, I am sure people will understand.

“I should like to thank everyone for their warmth and kind wishes, which have been very heartening at what has been a difficult time for me. As so many of us know from similar experience with cancer ourselves and with our families and friends, it’s difficult when you hear such news to look for a silver lining to that particular cloud.

“I hope some good at least can come of this by my being able to raise the profile and understanding about this rather unglamorous and misunderstood condition through the high office I am honoured to hold.

“I have been touched to receive cards and phone calls but I’d ask that rather than sending me any bunches of flowers, people instead make a contribution to the Cancer Care UK charity. I hope that from my experience, some good comes from all the men listening now going home later and familiarising themselves with the symptoms to be aware of.”

Speaking on behalf of the council, Tory group leader Peter Abraham said members wished him the “very best of health” and a swift recovery. Source.

It’s quite interesting to know that the Lord Mayor of Bristol is taking his condition positive. Prostate cancer affects many men today. It is a malignant tumor that originates from the prostate gland. It is a slow growing cancer that affects mostly those who are 50 and above.

If caught or diagnosed early prostate cancer can be treated completely through surgical removal of the condition. Other treatments include variants types of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy etc.

However, if you are at risk of getting this disease, it becomes necessary be proactive and pursue preventive approach. We wish the Lord Mayor quick recovery.

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