Latest Study Reveals Compares the Cost Benefits and Effectiveness of Various Prostate Cancer Treatments

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A Study carried out by researchers at the University of California in San Francisco( UCSF) reports the costs and effectiveness comparison of the various treatments used for the various stages of prostate cancer.

This latest report has been published in the British Journal of Urology International. About 232 papers were analyzed to provide the needed report and various stages of the diseases, and different treatments were considered. Here are more details:

The most comprehensive retrospective study ever conducted comparing how the major types of prostate cancer treatments stack up to each other in terms of saving lives and cost effectiveness is reported this week by a team of researchers at UCSF.

Appearing in the British Journal of Urology International, the work analyzed 232 papers published in the last decade that report results from clinical studies following patients with low-, intermediate- and high-risk forms of prostate cancer who were treated with one or more of the standard treatments – radiation therapy, surgery, hormone therapies and brachytherapy.

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The analysis shows that for people with low-risk prostate cancer, the various forms of treatment vary only slightly in terms of survival – the odds of which are quite good for men with this type of cancer, with a 5-year cancer-specific survival rate of nearly 100 percent. But the cost of radiation therapy is significantly more expensive than surgery for low-risk prostate cancer, they found.

For intermediate- and high-risk cancers, both survival and cost generally favored surgery over other forms of treatment – although combination external-beam radiation and brachytherapy together were comparable in terms of quality of life-adjusted survival for high-risk prostate cancer.

“Our findings support a greater role for surgery for high-risk disease than we have generally seen it used in most practice settings,” said urologist Matthew Cooperberg, MD, MPH, who led the research. Cooperberg is an assistant professor of urology and epidemiology and biostatistics in the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center is one of the country’s leading research and clinical care centers, and it is the only comprehensive cancer center in the San Francisco Bay Area. Click here to read more

Conclusively, the medical journal confirms that the study has been comprehensive to reveal quick details on how effective each treatment is when administered on patients in various stages of cancer of the prostate. Therefore, the details provided above can go a long way to patients and doctors make good decisions about this disease.

Surgery has been identified as the more cost effective when compared to other methods, however, you should be mindful of the side effects when considering this treatment.

It is still important to know that the choice of a particular treatment is best made after considering the cost and effectiveness. More details on this study can be read from report published at the British Journal of Urology International.


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