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Treatments for prostate cancer may be conventional or unconventional; curative, palliative, or preventive; and they may also be physiological or psychological. The essential point to note is that all of these goals are intertwined one with another and distinguishing one from the other may not always be very clear. Nonetheless, this article attempts to make a distinction between all of these so as to help patients in making the best decisions about which way to go with prostate carcinoma interventions.

Conventional treatments ? these are the remedies that will most likely be come across in the hospital. Prostatectomy practically rules, followed by radiation therapy. Hormonal therapy and chemo come close, and immunotherapy is not too far behind. Still in research are such treatments like cryosurgery and high intensity focused ultrasound therapy. There are physicians who use them already, but they are not yet in mainstream medicine.

Unconventional treatments ? also known as alternative therapies for prostate cancer, are the interventions for the disease that you will not likely be given in a hospital. The use of acupuncture has not been proven but proponents claim it works. Homeopathy, chiropractic, biofeedback, and naturopathy all offer their own techniques for treating various diseases, prostate form of cancer included, to varying degrees of success.

Curative measures ? because prostate cancer is not believed to be curable after the tumor has metastasized from the prostate gland, most treatments given in early stage disease are with the intent to cure the patient. Cryotherapy, prostatectomy, radiation treatment, HIFU, and proton therapy are brilliant examples.

Palliative treatments ? these are given when the disease has spread and is not believed to be curable. As such the intention is to delay symptoms, prolong life, and improve the quality of the patient’s life. Chemotherapy fits into this category in prostate cancer treatment, as do hormonal therapy. Certain forms of radiation treatment and prostatectomy as well can be listed here.

Preventive intervention ? in order to prevent prostate malignant tumor, a change in lifestyle may be the best first step. Change of diet, incorporation of exercise into daily living, and the use of various culinary herbs such as pomegranate juice, saw palmetto, lycopene, capsaicin, and pygeum africanum are great examples. They may also be used in treatment, but they are not FDA approved; however some doctors may suggest them anyhow. And speaking of psychological approaches, having the proper mindset, as well as good stress management skills also helps, both in prevention and in cure.

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