Latest Prostate Cancer Studies and Results

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It gets a little bit confusing sometimes. I hear that the prognosis for prostate cancer is an excellent thing; that within five years of diagnosis the survival rate for the disease is almost a hundred percent; and ten years after identification more than ninety three percent of the population of men with prostate cancer are still alive. Something like that kind of throws a monkey wrench in my thought process because it just does not sit right. I must tell you that I am by no means a dummy because I have been to college and all, but why can’t what they say be what they say.

I’ll tell you why I’m hurting so bad: my dad has got the condition and the doctor is telling me not to freak out. But how can I not freak out when it was the same thing that killed Grandpa. I was ten years old then, and I still remember the pain in everyone’s eyes but it was nowhere near the pain in my mind. Grandma wasn’t too far behind because she just would not live without him; and now, Dad at just pushing seventy was like on the way out too.

They say they have treatment methods that are light years better than what they had many years ago when I lost Grandpa – that’s what all the research has been about; they say that was why have even been able to catch my dad’s condition as early as they did. They say prostate cancer is a disease that progresses so slowly that my Dad may very likely just go to sleep someday and pass away that way before he even starts to develop any serious symptoms from prostate cancer. But you have got to understand how hard it is for me, considering that they also say that folks don’t die so much from this disease, almost thirty thousand casualties are recorded every year in the United States alone!

Maddening thing, all this I hear about research and studies into prostate cancer. They say it has been going on for eons, but they still are not able to tell exactly why my dad has prostate cancer. Someone said it must be because Grandpa had the disease, except that my dad says his granddad didn’t have prostate cancer; so how did Grandpa get it? And does that mean I’m going to get it too? I was online the other day, reading up on recent findings about prostate cancer, and I read that some of the most remarkable results are popping up all the time. I read that cryosurgery was the real deal, and that the Dendron study for prostate cancer lately revealed that ‘Provenge’, a new and potent drug, helped patients experience improved survival if they received more cells across three higher doses of the drug.

Well, this is all exciting and stuff, but I got stumped when they said they were treating my dad to watchful waiting instead! I had a National Diploma in dramatic arts, and I know that what they’re saying really does not make sense. If they have all these new drugs and procedures that cure prostate cancer, they should be treating my dad to them. After all he has health insurance that covers whatever expense they might cook up, and he is an upstanding citizen.

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