Latest Cure For Prostate Cancer

For as far back as most people care to think, the available treatments for prostate cancer have been chemotherapy, prostatectomy, radiation treatment, and hormonal therapy, all with their respective cure rates, complications and prognoses concerning patients that were treated to the remedies. However, although the survival rate for prostate type of cancer are considered impressive, these interventions do leave a little to be desired because the actual cure for prostate carcinoma has not been found; and several patients are not very fond of living with the complications and side effects, and the prognostic figures offered by cancer specialists in the practice.

For that reason, a lot research has still been ongoing to find even better treatment procedures that offer better cure rates and prognoses for patients of the condition. It is one long and arduous process that continues even today, but already there is a light at the end of the tunnel with various new breakthroughs in the treatment of the carcinoma in various stages of the disease, as are outlined below.

Latest cures for prostate cancer

Cryosurgery ? cryosurgery offers less invasiveness than radical prostatectomy, employs less general anesthesia during surgery, and generally causes fewer problems with urinary control than other treatments. Even though it is still in the research phase, cryosurgery already has a ten-year biochemical disease free rate superior to all other treatments including radical prostatectomy and any form of radiotherapy. In addition, it has been demonstrated to be superior for prostate type of cancers that recur after radiation therapy. So, why the added research? Impotence still occurs up to ninety percent of the time, and that is hugely undesirable.

Immunotherapy ? immunotherapy is a treatment approach for prostate cancer which boosts the body’s immune system defenses in order to combat the melanoma. Usually it is done with the administration of chemotherapeutic pills to the patient, but in more recent times, certain holistic concerns have brought to light the potential offered by green tea in this regard. The polyphenol content in green tea is found to possess antioxidant, antiadrogenic, and immune modulating properties that are bound to be helpful in curing prostate malignant tumor. However, until the precise capacity of the medication is determined, studies may have to persist.

Gleevec ? for prostate cancers in the advanced stage, a new drug Gleevec, developed by Norvatis Pharmaceutical Corporation, ordinarily used to treat chronic myelogenous leukemia and gastrointestinal stromal tumors has been found to be highly effective against drug resistant, metastatic prostate type of cancer by cutting off its blood supply. This was determined by researchers from the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Center, and now they are moving to human trials and will soon be pushing for FDA approval. You may call that some form of chemotherapy.

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