John Kerry Prostate Cancer – Famous People Who Survived Prostate Cancer

Whoever said that you never win when you have to combat as debilitating disease like prostate cancer- They must not have been talking about American men who really had a life to live because there have been so many great men diagnosed with the disease, who have been treated well for it, and who have gone on to live their lives without missing a beat, almost like nothing had happened.

It was never really confirmed that Robert De Niro had prostate cancer, but if he did, look how he bounced back from it. Rudy Giuliani had a rather loud affair with the carcinoma, but look at him heading on like he was never even sung by it. And John Kerry- Who would not be proud to be affiliated with the senator- A man who had the chance to flaunt his victory over the disease in order to win the race to the oval office, but chose to walk a noble path instead. There is a lot you can learn from such men.

Senator John Kerry was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the year 2003, and very few people knew it. While he was in the middle of a lot of political activities he was dealing with a disease that had the possibility of taking his life, or at least leaving him in a weakened state; while he ran for presidency, he was a survivor of a prostatectomy, yet he kept it from the public eye. Why would a man be that way? Just why would a man be that way?

He is cured now, and said Dr. Patrick C. Walsh, the Johns Hopkins University urologist and doctor who performed the operation (he can be said to be the doctor that treated and cured John Kerry’s prostate cancer): “The likelihood that he is going to have a significant problem with this cancer is infinitesimally small,” because the “five-year death rate for the kind of prostate cancer that Mr. Kerry developed is virtually zero.”

Kerry’s dad had died a few years previously, ripe at 85, but riddled with the aftereffects of the radiation treatment that he had had to go through. That was the one thing on the senator’s mind when he had to decide on which prostate cancer treatment would be most appropriate for him; that and the fact that he could not afford to be slowed down just when things were picking up politically. He simply needed the fastest cure, and one that did not leave him weakened.

So he went for the radical prostatectomy, and even though he was supposed to take a few weeks to recuperate, he saw to it that he was back in action in less than two weeks, brushing the cancer and the treatment aside like it was little more than a worrisome fly in his path. Oh, to be strong like that – that’s what many men need in this country – and to be smart too. He was fortunate to get an early diagnosis because he went in for annual medicals. You ought to think about that too, and give yourself a fighting chance. Like I always say –  if Kerry and the other great famous men could survive and defeat prostate cancer, you CAN as well!

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