Inositol Hexaphosphate (IP6), Compound in Fiber Helps in Stopping Progression of Prostate Cancer

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Researchers have discovered that in a mice study, a compound found in fiber known as inositol hexaphosphate or (IP6) has the potency of stopping the progression of cancer cells. This compound is available in foods with high fibers and when given to the mice, it helped in reducing tumor growth.

A post on the Healthy Living section of the online magazine Huffington Post provided details on how this compound found in high-fiber foods could possibly slow down the prostate cancer progression.

Extracts from the post made January 13, 2013 described the discovery made by the study in the following way: A compound found in fiber could play a part in stopping the progression of cancer, according to a new study in mice.

The findings, published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research, highlight the ability of the compound inositol hexaphosphate (also known as IP6) to prevent progression of prostate cancer in mice.

“The study’s results were really rather profound. We saw dramatically reduced tumor volumes, primarily due to the anti-angiogenic effects of IP6,” study researcher Komal Raina, Ph.D., a research instructor at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Colorado Cancer Center, said in a statement.

Specifically, researchers found that giving mice this compound — which is found in high-fiber diets — prevented new blood vessels from being formed. Without these blood vessels, the tumors were unable to gain the energy needed to grow and progress.

Even though this finding was in animals, other studies in humans have also suggested that fiber has anti-cancer powers.

A large review of studies, published in 2011 in the British Medical Journal, showed an association between eating a high-fiber diet and having a lower risk of colorectal cancer, WebMD reported.

So, it becomes important for men to reemphasize the intake of high-fiber diet to increase their prostate cancer level.

Hopefully, as this study has worked in mice, similar result would be achieved in human study. There is high optimism that this is going to work.

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