Immune Therapy for Prostate Cancer – Prostate Cancer New Treatment -2

It’s time to smile for prostate cancer sufferers- there’s now a prostate cancer new treatment which is a kind of immune therapy for prostate cancer. The second part of this article throws more light on this new prostate cancer treatment and how and why it’s a reason to smile.

Case studies

Experiments with cancer vaccines for different types of cancer have shown that these vaccines really help the immune system to treat cancer growths. In one study carried out on 117cancer patients with cancer, 46 of them were injected with shellfish protein and an immune booster; while the remaining 76 patients were given shellfish protein, immune booster, and the cancer vaccine. Results from this study revealed that after five years, those patients that were given vaccine have a 45% extension time before they experience relapses in their condition.

Provenge is a vaccine developed Dendreon Corporation based in Seattle, USA. It is a prostrate cancer vaccine, which extended the lives of cancer patients used in an experiment by four months. Although this medication is yet to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, there is hope that in the nearest future it will.

The National Cancer Institute also conducted researches with cancer vaccines it developed on patients of three types of cancer – Melanoma, Neuroblastoma, and Lymphoma.

Melanoma patients that were administered with vaccines have their relapse time extended by three months, unlike the one and a half months recorded on those patients that were not administered the vaccine.

Similar results have been recorded with the administration of cancer vaccines on patients with Neuroblastoma. In a research by the National Cancer Institute, 86 percent of 226 patients administered with vaccines have their lives extended after two years. This is from the result obtained when 75% percent of the same sample was not administered with the vaccines. Moreover, the use of BiovaxlD- a Lymphoma vaccine developed by the National Cancer Institute in an experiment has produced great result.

The benefits of using cancer vaccines to assist the immune systems in fighting cancer cells have been exceptional. The medication works very well with immune system boosters. On their use, there is yet to be a recorded case of side effects complained by patients who were administered with these vaccines.

In conclusion, just like any other medical breakthroughs, the use of cancer vaccines in the treatment of Prostate and other cancers has raised some questions, which have no clear answers for now. Some medical scholars doubt the lasting effects of the breakthrough recorded with this treatment; whether it will be applicable for all types of cancers and how much will it cost. Only time will tell. This new treatment does not prevent cancer yet it is very effective in treating cancer cells. It is a welcome development and a new hope for cancer sufferers.

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