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It’s time to smile for prostate cancer sufferers? there’s now a prostate cancer new treatment which is a kind of immune therapy for prostate cancer. The first part of this article throws more light on this new prostate cancer treatment and how and why it’s a reason to smile.

It is on record that for more than three decades now, researches have been seeking for new ways of treating cancer. This has become necessary because the traditional treatment methods of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery have not really provided the perfect cure for cancer. Now, there the effort has paid off because a new treatment has being discovered. The new breakthrough is the development and administration of cancer vaccines. This approach is quite distinct from the traditional treatment options that have been in use for many years. It is also a safer method for now.

How does the new treatment work?

The new treatment has to do with how the vaccines react with the immune system to fight cancer cells in the body. Naturally, it has always being difficult for the immune system to detect cancer in the body because the cancer cells are not seen as foreign substances but develop in the body. Thus, in the first instance they are not seen as a threat to the body. This is not the case with viral infections, which the immune system easily detects as threats and fight when immune boosters are administered to the body.

The cancer vaccines developed help the immune system to see cancer cells as threat to the body by affixing the cancer cells in a shell fish protein, which the immune system will now recognize as a foreign body. If the immune system sees this encased shell fish protein, it will fight it off as a threat to the body. So, the treatment with cancer vaccines works by converting substances from the cancer cells and attaching them as foreign substances so that the immune system will be able to kill it when it is boosted. Thus, this new treatment option is another form of immunotherapy.

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